Welcome to the BULL submission system. Here's the deal:

Submissions are considered for both the BULL website and print magazine. Pretty much all work accepted from general submissions is accepted for the web initially. Our print selections are often picked from that season's web acceptances.

This is to say, chances to get work in the print mag are very slim without the willingness to let that work go online. 

BULL online has just as much audience as BULL in print.

Exclusive to the BULL website are several running columns, including non-fiction/essay features that can be found below.

The mag is almost exclusively fiction.

Your submitted work will be read and responded to respectfully, typically within 3 months.

A longer time usually means more people are reading it, which is a good thing.

If you do not have the current BULL issue (#5 - The Youth Issue) we recommend using our Lucky 7 Submissions, good for any category below, and just a lot more fun.

Reading, writing, and yes, even submitting to magazines, should be somewhat fun.

Ideally, we'd want everyone interested in BULL to have a copy of our latest, greatest print issue.  So here's what we've come up with: Every seventh person to submit through this channel will get a copy of our current issue: #5, the Youth Issue.  It's BULL on the cheap—you get the goods for what it costs to ship 'em. You can submit here for any category we have. 
We are dedicated to examining and discussing modern masculinity: what works, what doesn’t, what needs to change and what needs to go. We’re in quickly shifting times and more than ever this conversation is crucial. We want fiction and essays that engage that conversation from every angle. We want stories of exemplary masculinity, cautionary tales, accounts from every possible perspective and persuasion.

This a general submission channel for non-fiction work that doesn't readily fit into our existing column departments. If your essay is at all related to travel/place, your job, or youthful exploits, you should take look into our BULL Recon, What I Do, and Salad Days columns. 

Otherwise, have at it here.